ILG Forms

Go Beyond Forms

Create data-driven apps to replace paper-based work activities.
Mobile & Desktop, no coding required.

ILG Forms is a Business Application Platform to Call Your Own. Create a complex line of business apps with menus, data capture forms and mapping, all without needing software development. Leverage native device features to capture GPS and map locations, photos, audio, video and more. Design your app once, run it natively on Android, iOS and Windows devices in the field. And make use of our powerful Word & Excel template functionality, to generate professional invoices, reports and other custom files from your data captures. Finally, Send tasks, forms and documentation directly to your app users, improving job productivity and collaboration between workers in the office and field.





Features at a glance

Dispatch Jobs & Tasks

GPS & Map Locations

Offline Capable

Capture Photos & more

Push Notifications

Generate PDFs

Capture Signatures

Scan Barcodes & QR Codes

Customisable Look & Feel


Drop Box

Google Drive


One Drive


Microsoft Azure

Accelerate Business Processes

  • Easy App Creation
  • Job Dispatch
  • Cross Platform Development
  • Enterprise Grade App Technology
  • Push Notifications
  • Location & Mapping
  • Data Connectors and Integration

Create Worker-Facing App

  • Mobile Forms
  • Field Data Collection
  • Optimize Business Workflow
  • Capture Electronic Signatures
  • Business Process Management
  • Integrate With Enterprise Software
  • On Premise Option

Simplify Data Management With ILG Forms

Pull Data
Connect and import data from systems like SharePoint into your mobile apps. Simply filter your lists to select the data you need to be pulled.

Visualise Data
Turn your data into dynamic apps with easy mapping and enquiry screens. Open up access to information on the move with drill down and filtering options.

Capture Data
Rapidly deploy data capture functionality to users in the field. Extend existing data capture screens from desktop or web systems to a mobile app.

Push Data
Push files and data entries to systems like Box, SharePoint,and more. Generate Word,Excel and PDF outputs with our powerful data template functionality.

Make ILG Forms Your Own

App as a Service
Publish iOS, Android & Windows native apps to respective app stores, in your own branding with no mentions of ILG Forms anywhere.

Website as a Service
Rebrand our cloud platform with your company’s identity, offering all the features of the ILG Forms platform with a customised web domain.

Go Beyond Forms

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