ILG One Platform

Professional Sports level communication and monitoring in
the work place.

Transform your company's performance and communication with our dedicated wellbeing and communication platform.

The ILG One platform, is for companies who want to be at the forefront of staff wellbeing analysis and communications technology. With unique and innovative features, the ILG One Platform app is a secure and easy way for Managers and Heads of Departments to improve work performance and communicate with their team.





Sports Performance

ILG Business has developed the ILG One business app for organisations who want to be at the forefront of team performance analysis and communication technology. With the app, you can improve teamwork, performance, customer service, team communications, leadership, motivation and wellbeing of your team members.

Active Digital Communications, a leading mobile phone provider has been using this software for over two years and reduced sick days by 60% as well as improving company communications.

This was developed in line with our Elite sports teams; England rugby, Saracens and ECB cricket; now applied to business's nationwide to improve staff performance and wellbeing.

Main Features

Team Communication

Managers and Team Leaders can send direct messages to Team Members, creating a private conversation within the app, eliminating the use of emails and text messages. You can also create a group message to more than one user. Or, if the message is more of an alert you can send a notification.

Team Monitoring

Collect important information such as wellbeing data directly from the app. Use repeat push notifications to remind Team Members to complete their wellbeing forms on a daily basis.

Company Organisation

Within our Calendar feature you can organise and schedule your team as well as keeping everyone up to date.

Other features with the Calendar are; notifications, group by event type, reminder prior to the event, available on mobile and web.

Files Storage

Provide all app users with direct access to:

  • Handbooks and Guides
  • Health and Safety Videos
  • Personal document storage
  • Company related documents
  • Portal
  • App

Professional Sports level communication and monitoring in the work place.